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YES! Employment Services
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Individual Skills Development Fund:



  1. If youth are having difficulty obtaining employment because they do not interview well, present well or have the communication skills required to succeed in the initial meeting, YES will assist in this process
  2. Some youth may be appropriate candidates for a referral to a Job Developer who will personally refer him or her to an employer. There will be negotiation done regarding offering the youth a two week trial period of employment which YES will fund, and should the youth be deemed appropriate at this point, the employer would make an offer of employment.

Job Connect

  1. Through YES Employment services, there is a job connect program.
  2. This will provide youth with the opportunity to excel in their job search by creating the conditions in which they will thrive when given the right support system.
  3. YES will provide the youth with a 10 tripper bus pass, suitable clothing if necessary and interview techniques
  4. This is only applicable if the youth is NOT returning to school

Apprenticeship Scholarship/Signing Bonus

Youth Justice Programs
YES! Employment Services delivers justice service programs to assist individuals to fulfill legal obligations imposed by the justice system. Some are placement programs and others are restorative justice programs. All aim to help adults and youth become contributing members of society. The programs offered are as follows:

Community Service Orders:

Extrajudicial Sanctions:

Youth Justice Committee